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Springtime theme 2018 : Texts about animals

Primary selection –

Choisis un animal
This story of animals asking a rabbit if he can imitate other animals (he can't but that's not all of it!)
Groloulou et Ptibiquet
Mix the names of 2 animals to make a new one up and draw it in 2 halves…what better lead up to this activity than this book?
Bonjour Docteur This is a fun story about animals waiting to see the vet… but something weird is happening in the waiting room…
This is the most beautiful story about animals who wake each other up.
Le pigeon qui voulait être un canard
When did you last read a story about a pigeon?
Le secret
.. could be used to revise/introduce animals or to talk about how things grow.
Les animaux des poètes
- how to use the poems as a writing frame, so they could be very simply adapted with their own choice of animal, adjectives and verbs.

Der Hase mit der roten Nase

German songs to singalong
Includes a bee!

La siesta perfecta
Will the animals wake up in time?

¿Y por quééé?

Secondary choice:

Le corbeau et le renard
La Fontaine with link to Animated version

Quiero ver una vaca


Los Reyes

Todo está en su sitio

Wenn die Möpse Schnäpse trinken

Der Ball der Tiere

Yoko - manche Freunde sind cooler als andere

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Latest texts

Raoul la Terreur (Contributor: Nathalie Paris)

Le petit fantôme qui voulait qu'on le voie (Contributor: Nathalie Paris)

Est-ce que la maîtresse dort à l'école? (Contributor: Nathalie Paris)

Je veux pas aller à l'école (Contributor: Nathalie Paris)

Gribouillis gribouillons (Contributor: Nathalie Paris)

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