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Related books launched in 2019

Bloomsbury Academic : Teaching Literature in Modern Foreign Languages including a chapter on this wiki .

Encore! With a song in my scheme of work’ by Steven Fawkes for the benefit of ALL on the ALL website.

The feature on Songs (Spring 2019) and Culture (Summer 2019) have been moved into the section on the right-hand bar called 'Multilingual sources' as a group of attached documents

Focus: Grammar emerging from authentic texts

A number of recent contributions have noted their support for observing, or manipulating grammatical features . Here are some collected from around the wiki; remember that teachers often describe in their contribution how they exploit the text, which may be for reading, speaking, listening or writing. Simply put the title in the Search box to find the reference.

L’ogre – formation of plurals
Les imparfaits – examples of Imperfect Tense verbs as part of a memory poem
Les vacances au bord de la mer - examples of Imperfect Tense verbs for habitual events in a song
Pour un art poétique – grammar used in a recipe (poem)
Conjugaisons et interrogations - Multiple examples of tenses of French verbs ,
including question forms and negatives in this poem.
Le message - Relative clause with que; preceding direct object rule in this short poem
Pourquoi que je vis – pour + infinitive in a song
La lettre de Lili - observing agreements / verb endings in a famous literary letter

das doofe Fischlied – article + adjective + noun pattern in declining cases is a very silly song
Tales from Brothers Grimm - Haben, sein, possessive adjectives
Die Vogelscheuche - – verb endings (poem)
Herbst - Abstract nouns (poem)
Der Asra - Imperfect tense forms, adverbs, dependent clauses (poem)
Der Ball der Tiere – Questions, verb as second idea (poem)
Fragen einer Ananas – word order in questions (poem)
Keine Maschine - Ein / kein, Wenn …, ich will (muss / kann..)+ inf.
Prepositions and cases (song)

Beyonce - If followed by imperfect subjunctive plus conditional tense. (Song)
Casa - plural adjectives, adjectival position – poem
Un hombre sin cabeza – poder and infinitive verbs – poem
La Tortuga – Preterite / Past tenses – poem
Vivir mi vida - Voy a + infinitive, para + infinitive, poder + infinitive
On the website http://www.todoele.net/canciones/Cancion_list.asp
authentic Spanish songs are sorted by title, grammar, and themes.

There are many more !

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Latest texts

La Recette - Les crêpes (Contributor: Nathalie Paris)

Trotro fait des crêpes (Contributor: Nathalie Paris)

C'est pour qui? (Contributor: Nathalie Paris)

La véritable histoire de la Galette des Rois (Contributor: Nathalie Paris)

L'âne Trotro - le roi de la galette (Contributor: Nathalie Paris)

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