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Contributor: Steven Fawkes

Language of text: French
Type of text: Adverts, jingles, posters
Author or source: ##
Intended age of students:
blue|Key Stage 4##
Source reference: This is the first part of the voiceover for the film …. Amelie Poulain

Attached files:
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Amelie Poulain.jpgJPEG image data38.25 kBInfo

Watch the first scene of the film ; the voiceover is very fast!

Ask pupils to note down briefly the different elements of the first scene (probably in English)
Brainstorm what the elements are and list on screen
Give out/ Show the text (omitting the last paragraph) and ask pupils to locate the key words in French that relate to the themes they have noted
Play the scene again (with no image)and ask them to follow the words, to spot any discrepancies and to train their ear
Ask them in pairs to read the text and try to keep to the same pace as the original.
Able pupils may be able to use one of the paragraphs as a writing frame to describe a micro event.

Pupils may know the film and if not may enjoy learning about it!

Speaking at speed

Topics or themes:



How much time required:
15 minutes

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