Bertolt Brecht, "Vergnügungen" [1954]

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Bertolt Brecht, "Vergnügungen" 1954

Contributor: Louise Watson

Language of text: German
Type of text: Poem
Author or source: Bertolt Brecht
Intended age of students: Key Stage 3
Source reference:

accessed June 2014

likes/ dislikes

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For Year 7 or 8

1. Give students the text WITHOUT THE TITLE in pairs – Thinking time - What is it? What type of writing is it? Why do they think that? Get them to justify any answers they give based on what they have read/ their understanding of German

2. What title would they give the piece of writing? Why? To help them with this they might want to complete a rough translation (you could give them the text on A4 with the poem on one side and lines for their translation on the other - personalise the learning by giving some words for some students)

3. pairs share their possible titles and justifications with another pair

4. Each pair writes their final decision for a title on a post-it and sticks it on the board – short whole class discussion about that

5. Reveal that the title is Vergnügungen – pupils then write their own poem entitled Vergnügungen

Objectives: To develop pupils thinking skills – specifically the learning habits of hypothesising and justifying
To develop pupils dictionary skills
To develop pupils ability to make links when reading
To develop pupils cultural awareness

All pupils will have read the text and come up with their own title for the poem
Pupils can go on to write their own poem with the title Vergnügungen
Pupils could go on to produce a short character profile of Brecht in German

Topics or themes:
Freizeit – likes and dislikes
Cultural Awareness

Grammar opportunities limited, but you could use it to discuss the infinitive and the infinitive as a noun

Dictionary Skills
Understanding Poetry
Writing Poetry

How much time required:
possibly 30 minutes

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