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Contributor: S Mayor

Language of text: Spanish
Type of text: Song lyric
Author or source: BC Jean/Toby Gadd
Intended age of students: Key Stage 4
Source reference:

Attached files:
The lyrics of the song in Spanish
The chorus in Spanish which you can print and cut up

File nameFile typeSize
If I were a boy - Beyonce Chorus cut ups.docComposite Document File V2 Document22 kBInfo
If I were a boy - Beyonce.docComposite Document File V2 Document22.5 kBInfo

1. Students try to guess the English version of the song from the chorus (cut ups) in Spanish.
2. Students then try to put the cut ups in the correct order based on their knowledge of the song in English.
3. Students then check their answer whilst listening to the song.
4. The text can then be used as a translation exercise and students can compare the English and Spanish versions of the song.
5. Students then make up their own sentences using "if I were .... I would..."



Topics or themes:

If followed by imperfect subjunctive plus conditional tense.


How much time required:
1 lesson

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