Bilingual books by Les Puces Ltd

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Bilingual books by Les Puces Ltd

Contributor: Nathalie Paris

Language of text: French
Type of text: Short story
Author or source: Mandie Davis, Alain Blancbec
Intended age of students: Key Stage 2/3
Source reference: 97809954653

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These bilingual books are different from traditional ones: you can read the story in English, then flip the book over to read the same story in French... or vice-versa!
This is the reasoning behind it, from the "Les Puces" website:
"Translation in head method®
Using our trademarked 'Translation in head method' we make sure that the children understand what is being read to them, by providing them with a beautiful bilingual book on the first lesson of each half term.  By reading the story at home in English, the children understand the pattern of the story and know what to expect - regardless of what language it's in.  Now they can listen along and pick out repetitive words when they hear it read in French in class. Children also build their own bilingual library over the months, with books that will be useful to them right up to GCSEs .... and even beyond!"

I think these stories can be used in a school setting too, even if you only have one copy of the book.
It could be used for independent study: a child could read the story in French then check out the story in English when they need to, making notes along the way. The book could be used as an extension task for a group of pupils.
With a whole class, you could read the story in English then read it in French, as was orginally intended.
You could also focus on some passages and do some translation work using parallel extracts, in French and in English: vocabulary finding, rule finding, gap filling etc.

The children will really enjoy the fun stories and it will be a different way of approaching a text in French and of learning from them.

Topics or themes:



How much time required:
1-3 lessons per story

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