Caca boudin

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Caca boudin

Contributor: Nathalie Paris

Language of text: French
Type of text: Other
Author or source: Stephanie Blake
Intended age of students: Key Stage 1/2
Source reference: Ecole des loisirs

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This story is hilarious and the one which stands out for me as perfect to get children to join in... Children and adults alike have always LOVED it when I have read it! I have only ever used it as a one-off treat story but there is so much more you could do with it!
It is the story of a rabbit who only ever says "caca boudin" to anything... until he gets eaten by a wolf!! That is only part of the story though!

As well as being a fun story in French, it gets children to think about language which is appropriate (or not!) in certain situations and how it can affect an outcome.

They will enjoy listening to this story as a treat, they will love joining in (everyone can, it is so easy), they will want to predict what happens next. It generally is a happy story with a couple of twists in it! You will all enjoy discussing what happens in the story and reminding each other about it regularly... Your children will never ever forget "caca boudin"!!

Topics or themes:
Daily routine

The imperfect tense; extended sentences with "quand" and "qui"


How much time required:
From 10 minutes to as much as you want!

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