Charlie et la chocolaterie

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Charlie et la chocolaterie

Contributor: Natasha Faulkes

Language of text: French
Type of text: Novel
Author or source: Roald Dahl (trans.)
Intended age of students: Key Stage 2/3
Source reference: Roald Dahl 1964
Folio Junior
I have used the full book to create my own resource.

See attached workbook

Attached files:

Lesson plans

File nameFile typeSize
charlie et la chocolaterie de roald dahl NFA workbook (3).pdfPDF document2.22 MBInfo
Charlie et la chocolaterie lesson plans.docxNo description36.93 kBInfo

Complete scheme of work to be used in conjunction with the text.

Integrating layout and context approaches, access to the text, characters, advert and film version
Link to creative writing of a report

Students will draw on their prior knowledge of the story, as a way of improving their comprehension skills in French. The booklet/SOW aims to encourage students to be creative in terms of their own chocolate bar and making an advert.

Intention is to bring in more reading aloud from the French book.
Students could also watch excerpts from the French version of the film.

Motivating link to curriculum topics such a descriptions
Stimulus for thinking creatively
Students enjoy working on the topic of chocolate and this is a way of bringing literature into the topic area, in response to the new MFL curriculum requirements

A newspaper article about experiences in the chocolate factory.
A written advert for their own chocolate bar.
A video advert for a chocolate bar.
Character descriptions in the winners’ gallery.

viz lesson plans and booklet

Topics or themes:
This fits into our scheme after work on descriptions, the present tense of ER verbs, and opinions during a module on Art.

adjectives, grammar connected with writing reports, adverts
Regular ER verbs


How much time required:
21 lessons, approximately one half-term

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