Chinese Numbers Poem

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Chinese Numbers Poem

Contributor: Finlay Davidson

Language of text: Mandarin
Type of text: Poem
Author or source: Shao Kang Jie
Intended age of students: Key Stage 2/3
Source reference: - video of a little girl reading the poem with nice tones

Attached files:
一去二三里 - One goes two or three li.
烟村四五家 - In the smoke (he sees) four or five houses.
亭台六七座 - (He sees) six or seven temples.
八九十枝花 - (and) eight nine or ten flowers.

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一去二三里.jpgJPEG image data18.36 kBInfo

First the text can be shown with pictures from the internet that show the poem with illustrations next to the 4 lines of the poem.

If the children have already previously been shown the numbers, they can then spot them in the text again.

This process allows them to begin to guess the meanings of certain lines, when the put together their knowledge of numbers with the illustration.

Following this younger pupils could create their own drawing to go with the text which the numbers highlighted in a different colour. Whilst older pupils could get more language out of it by creating their own version of the text saying what they see within 2 or 3 li of their house.

Teaching numbers.
An introduction to Chinese poetry.

Pupils will be expected to know how to write their numbers.
Older pupils will have generated key vocabulary for their home area.

Topics or themes:
Used at the very beginning with new students to give some context to the numbers characters, and to begin the process of seeing word boundaries in Chinese.

Some use of measure words.

writing practice in Chinese
creating your own version, adapting a text.

How much time required:
up to 2 hours depending on the amount of time spent on it creatively.

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