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Contributor: Steven Fawkes

Language of text: Spanish
Type of text: Song lyric
Author or source: ##
Intended age of students:
blue|Key Stage 2##
Source reference:

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Teach the Spanish word 'chocolate'
Observe the phonics, the sounded letters, the vowel sounds, the ch- sound
View the video of the clapping game

A an extension activity teach 'right hand' ' left hand' both hands' in Spanish
Observe the video and ask class to clarify the sequence of the clapping in Spanish
Follow up on the second version of the song 'mas rapido'
and ask class / groups / pairs to perform the clapping - using different adverbs

linguistic focus is on pronunciation and intonation for younger learners
Teacher interaction encourages use of language – adverbs, imperatives

pronunciation and intonation
physical engagement
extension language includes adjectives and adverbs

Topics or themes:
Parts of body

as relevant - adjectival position, adverbs

kinaesthetic learning

How much time required:
10 minutes +

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