Compère, qu'as-tu-vu ?

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Compère, qu'as-tu-vu ?

Contributor: Steven Fawkes

Language of text: French
Type of text: Poem
Author or source: This poem / song exists in different versions and is available online with musical notation ; with voice accompaniment and in karaoke version. It is variously attributed inc Anonymous, Henri Dès version and, on the CNDP webpage, to Claude Roy
Intended age of students: Key Stage 2
Source reference:

animated version – text variant
also here

Extract :

Compère, qu'as-tu-vu ?

Oh, j'ai vu, j'ai vu
Compère qu'as-tu vu ?
J'ai vu une vache
Qui dansait sur la glace
À la Saint-Jean d'été.
Compère vous mentez.

Ah, j'ai vu, j'ai vu
Compère qu'as-tu vu ?
J'ai vu une grenouille
Qui faisait la patrouille
Le sabre au côté.
Compère vous mentez.

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Begin by looking at the repetitive structure (which will later be the writing frame)

Compère, qu'as-tu-vu ?
Oh, j'ai vu, j'ai vu
Compère qu'as-tu vu ?
J'ai vu …..
Compère vous mentez.

Look at the lines removed in a random order

J'ai vu une vache
À la Saint-Jean d'été.
Qui dansait sur la glace

and discuss which line might go before :
Compère vous mentez
and which order the others go in. This will involve talking about rhymes and probably about meaning. It wil probably also involve speaking the lines aloud, which may require listening to them from one of the weblinks too.

The verbs in the Past Tense can be introduced as lexical items ; it will be interesting for some classes/pupils though to hypothesise the rule for the Imperfect Tense.
' If dansait' means 'was dancing' what do you think 'chantait' might mean ?
And how do you think you might write ' was going' , etc . with other high frequency verbs.

Next the class would look at the whole text – NB it exists in different versions, which is good for stimulating the creative writing activity at the ende of the sequence.

Draw out that the things Compère says he saw are fairly outlandish !

Pair/ Groupwork :Rehearsal and performance of a chosen verse.

Creative writing : Some pupils might like to add another verse to the poem / song, bearing in mind that the things Compère says he saw need to be extraordinary !

Encountering a traditional verse with cultural resonances
Focus on linguistic feature, including rhyme and sound system in context
Stimulus for observation and learning about grammarical structure
for performance
and for creative writing

Writing for display

Topics or themes:
Anilmals theme



How much time required:
1 lesson?

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