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Contributor: Pascale Jeffryes

Language of text: French
Type of text: Poem
Author or source: Elodie Santos
Intended age of students: Key Stage 2/3
Source reference:

Elodie Santos (2011)

Attached files:
Powerpoint file

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01 b Presentation_Comprendre_Elodie Santos NOTES PPT.pdfPDF document2.71 MBInfo
01_Presentation_Comprendre_Elodie Santos.pptxNo description992.79 kBInfo
02_Starter Activity Comprendre Elodie Santos.docxNo description467.34 kBInfo
03_Comprendre_Poeme_ CARDS.docxNo description13.29 kBInfo

2 possible approaches:
• Either elicit understanding from existing knowledge in order to appreciate the poem
• Or use the cut up poem to elicit understanding from existing knowledge, reconstitute the poem and maybe create a different order

• This poem is simple and rich.
• It can be used at different levels
• The idea of understanding can lead to a variety of discussions according to the class

• Confidence in understanding a poem by drawing on their existing linguistic and cultural knowledge
• An extra verse

Topics or themes:
• No specific topic
• At the end of Term 2 as we have only one hour of French per week

• Adjective agreement
• Tenses

Deducing understanding through existing knowlege

How much time required:
One hour lesson to be followed with creative writing and work on tenses

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