Die Vogelscheuche

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Die Vogelscheuche

Contributor: Eva Lamb

Language of text: German
Type of text: Poem
Author or source: Christian Morgenstern
Intended age of students: Key Stage 3
Source reference: Text:


Attached files:
Die Raben rufen: "Krah, krah, krah!
Wer steht denn da, wer steht denn da?

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Nice as a starter – present without the title; students guess what is being described here.

Vocabulary – which words give us hints as to what is being described here: Raben, fürchten, nicht Mann / nicht Frau, kannst nicht gehn …; stehen bleiben, blosser Stock mit Stiefeln …)
Elicit vocab through questioning


Rebuild the text – Gapped version with verbs in infinitive at the bottom

Topics or themes:

Grammar – find all the verbs, look at verb endings


How much time required:
Part of a lesson

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