Doña Pita Piturra

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Doña Pita Piturra

Contributor: Erzsi Culshaw

Language of text: Spanish
Type of text: Poem
Author or source: Gloria Fuertes
Intended age of students: Key Stage 2
Source reference: You can find the text online, if you search for Doña Pita Piturra by Gloria Fuertes. You can also find the text and my ideas on my blog:

Doña Pita Piturra
tiene unos guantes;
doña Pita Piturra,
muy elegantes.

Doña Pita Piturra
tiene un sombrero;
doña Pita Piturra,
con un plumero. ......

The book can be bought from Amazon.
Los mejores versos de Gloria Fuertes
• Publisher: Susaeta Ediciones, S.a. (Jan 2009)
• Language: Spanish
• ISBN-10: 8430524037
ISBN-13: 978-8430524037

Attached files:
I have made various PowerPoint slides with different activities, you can copy them from my blog:
I have also collected props to illustrate the poem: a doll, a duster, a shoe, a scarf, 3 moths, gloves and a hat.

No files attached to this page.

Manipulate the text, write our own poems, investigate rhymes and grammar points. Please see my blog for the description of the activities!

The poem fits in with our topic “Clothes” and gives us the opportunity to learn new vocabulary and make up our own versions of the poem. It also features plural forms of nouns, the verb “tiene”and adjectives that pupils need to be aware of. The poem has a very catchy rhythm, hopefully it will be popular with the pupils.

The pupils will produce their own version of the poem, or part of the poem.

Topics or themes:
The poem will fit in well with our “Clothes” topic (vocabulary) and with grammar points (plurals, adjectives).

The verb “tiene”, plurals, place of adjectives, the preposition “con”, the sounds “ll”, “qu”, “ñ”, “rr”.

Playing games, using their imagination and thinking of rhymes.

How much time required:
The poem will appear in every lesson during 6 weeks (the duration of a half term) with different activities.

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