Jeden Tag und jede Nacht

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Jeden Tag und jede Nacht

Contributor: Louise Watson

Language of text: German
Type of text: Song lyric
Author or source: Die Prinzen
Intended age of students: Key Stage 2/3
Source reference: The song can be found on You Tube – Please be warned that there is a video on You Tube with an offensive image (a boy sticking his middle finger up in an offensive gesture) – so you will probably want to avoid that version.

The text is in the file attached

Attached files:
Lyric text
with an accompanying translation

Dictionaries are useful

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1. Before playing the song, give the students the lyrics – driving question – “What is this man’s problem?” Can the pupils suggest a solution?

2. As the pupils translate the text, they will realise what the man’s problem is (he needs a present for somebody – for whom?) and they can make suggestions at the end (in German)

3. Students could work in groups or pairs to translate the text and come up with answers and solutions

4. Once that the pupils have translated the song – you can play it to them – and sing it with them!

Objectives: To develop pupils thinking skills – specifically the learning habits of hypothesising and justifying
To develop pupils dictionary skills
To develop pupils ability to make links when reading
To develop pupils cultural awareness
To develop pupils translating skills

All pupils will have read the song
All pupils will have used a dictionary to look up unfamiliar vocabulary
Most pupils will have translated the song
Pupils will have listened to the song and possibly sung it!

Topics or themes:
Shopping – it could be developed further by pupils deciding where each item would be bought
Cultural Awareness

Grammar opportunities limited, but you could highlight modal verbs

Dictionary Skills

How much time required:
30- 40 minutes

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