La cantatrice chauve (Ionesco)

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La cantatrice chauve (Ionesco)

Contributor: Isabelle Schäfer

Language of text: French
Type of text: Play
Author or source: Eugène Ionesco
Intended age of students: Key Stage 3/4
Source reference:

Scène IV, page 24

Attached files:
Abridged version (scene 4).
Exercises (I only created exercises based on techniques that could be used to explore a scene from a play in an English lesson. I was given a list of activities that could be used to help pupils access concepts...). Some additional preparatory work would be needed.

File nameFile typeSize
La cantatrice chauve.pptxNo description3.56 MBInfo
la cantatrice Eugène Ionesco version abrégée.docComposite Document File V2 Document62.5 kBInfo

Pupils match up parts of the dialogue.
They say what they think about the dialogue.
They reflect on how Ionesco has used language to create a specific effect (humour: Year 9?/KS4. Shallowness of conversations and absence of real communication: KS5)
They use pictures to reconstruct the dialogue.

Theatre of the absurd. This is different and this could maybe get pupils' attention.

- performance
- create similar dialogues (Year 9?/KS4)
- KS5: reflect on what communication is for ( Mr and Mme Martin have nothing to say to each other). Link to 2014 and facebook: people posting what they have for lunch or dinner etc... and people replying ("nice food", " I hate pizzas" etc). Broader questions about communication, meaning and social networks.

Topics or themes:
… I haven't taught this.

quel / quelle / comme c'est
avoir + direct object

understand how we use language to convey meaning, express prejudices prejudices, i.e language used as a means to an end.

How much time required:
a lot

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