La Luna

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La Luna

Contributor: Lisa Probert

Language of text: Spanish
Type of text: Poem
Author or source: Jaime Sabines
Intended age of students: Key Stage 2/3
Source reference:

La luna se puede tomar a cucharadas
o como una cápsula cada dos horas.
Es buena como hipnótico y sedante
y también alivia
a los que se han intoxicado de filosofía

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I would first ask students to complete some pre-reading activities.
1. find the cognates and near-cognates
2. find words you already know
3. match the pictures to the words (some key new vocabulary such as “La Luna”
I would then read the poem aloud before asking students to read the poem aloud to their partners.
I would then ask students to complete some comprehension activities.
1. True/False
2. Put the pictures (storyboard of the poem) into the correct order
3. What do you think the poem is about? Why?
4. What is the mood of the poem? How do you know this?
5. Look at the structure of the poem. Can you explain how the poem is structured? Why do you think it has this structure?
I would then ask students to brainstorm instructions and recipes vocabulary before writing their own recipes (which don’t have to be for making a dish, but could be instructions for making other things)

To extend vocabulary and the ways in which vocabulary are used
To enable students to be creative with the language they already know and to use it in different contexts

Students could learn the poem (memorisation skills)
Students could work on their pronunciation by reading the poem aloud (sound-spelling links)
Students see familiar vocabulary used in an unfamiliar context (the instructions would normally be used for recipes for food)

Topics or themes:
It would fit in to our food scheme of work when we teach recipes

Giving instructions

Sound-spelling patterns

How much time required:
You could use the poem for one or two lessons

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