La lune

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La lune

Contributor: Sarah Brough

Language of text: French
Type of text: Poem
Author or source: Henri Pichette
Intended age of students: Key Stage 1
Source reference: There is a PDF here: , but it has a couple of errors in it. (quartier / sibèle)

There is an excellent French article on how to use the poem here:

Poèmes pour les jeunes du temps présent, anthologie de la poésie du XXe siècle Jacques Charpentreau ISBN 2708228900

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* Present the poem with the word ‘lune’ blanked out.
* Students read the poem using dictionaries and work in groups to decide what is being described.
* Unpick use of comparisons.
* Play with the sounds and the rhymes of the poem.
* Use a dictionary to look up nouns/adjectives and create noun phrases for a word similiar to La lune (Perhaps la mer or le soleil)
* Work together at creating comparisons for your chosen word.
* Students write their own poem.

Give students an opportunity to write creatively.

Students write their own poem in the style of Henri Pichette about a noun of their choice (e.g. the earth, the sea, a cloud, a star, the sun).
Perform or publish poems.

Topics or themes:

Possessive de/d'.

Adapt a model text to create your own.

How much time required:
1 - 2 lessons

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