Le papillon

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Le papillon

Contributor: Steven Fawkes

Language of text: French
Type of text: Poem
Author or source: Alphonse de Lamartine
Intended age of students: Key Stage 3/4
Source reference: Text:



Naître avec le printemps, mourir avec les roses,
Sur l’aile du zéphyr nager dans un ciel pur;
Balancé sur le sein des fleurs à peine écloses,
S’enivrer de parfums, de lumière et d’azur;
Secouant, jeune encor, la poudre de ses ailes,
S’envoler comme un souffle aux voûtes éternelles;
Voilà du papillon le destin enchanté:
Il ressemble au désir, qui jamais ne se pose,
Et sans se satisfaire, effleurant toute chose,
Retourne enfin au ciel chercher la volupté.

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Exploring verbs –
Students build up their verb lexicon.

Firstly they have a brainstorm of verbs they associate with the title; Butterfly. What verbs (in English) do they expect to see? Do they know any of these in French?
Do they know any words in French that they could associate with Butterfly? (Teacher elicits familiar words eg adjectives of colour, size …

They then identify which words in the poem they think are verbs, dividing them into Infinitives and Finite verbs.
How do they make their decisions?
They look up the infinitives in the dictionary (There are probably 12 + words made from verbs – participles).
They work out what they think the infinitives are for the finite verbs they have spotted.
They check if they are right in the dictionary, work out the meaning, and add them to their lexicon

Students need to expand vocabulary and knowledge of verbs specifically

Knowledge of verbs - meanings and forms

Topics or themes:



How much time required:
30 minutes

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