Le vent l'emportera

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Le vent l'emportera

Contributor: Steven Fawkes

Language of text: French
Type of text: Song lyric
Author or source: Noir desir
Intended age of students: Key Stage 3/4
Source reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrgcRvBJYBE

Je n' ai pas peur de la route
Faudra voir, faut qu'on y goûte
Des méandres au creux des reins
Et tout ira bien (là)
Le vent nous portera
Ton message à la Grande Ourse
Et la trajectoire de la course
Un instantané de velours
Même s'il ne sert à rien (va)
Le vent l'emportera
Tout disparaîtra mais
Le vent nous portera

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This song was a great success in its time and still has its power and elegance.
The examples ogf the future tense are great to show that tense in use, and what it sounds like.

Older learners may be led into interpretation, or even translation, of the chorus or other verses, based on their intertpretation firstly of the mood of the piece expresse through the music and the imagery of the video.

Learners could choose a verse to rehearse and then recite, copying the intonation and pronunciation of the original.

Topics or themes:

Future tense
Object pronouns


How much time required:
Could be a starter , or recitation preparation could be homework

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