Les Amis d'Elmer

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Les Amis d'Elmer

Contributor: Nathalie Paris

Language of text: French
Type of text: Other
Author or source: David McKee
Intended age of students: Key Stage 1/2
Source reference: 9782877671286

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The story is lovely and colourful. The children will all know Elmer and may even know that specific story; they will find it very easy to follow and enjoy even when you 1st read it through. On second reading I would pick the adjective out on each page and practise it with the children, adding actions; on 3rd reading I would introduce the structure "le/la plus", which is straightforward enough but so useful.
You could also use the story to teach the name of the animals and then ask: "Qui est le plus remuant?" etc.

This is a lovely story about everyone being different but all having something which makes them unique; it is also about friendship in spite of those differences. The language is simple to understand and yet you can exploit it to cover some important grammatical points (see below).

As an extension task, the children could describe each friend of Elmer's in terms of size and colour.
Most of the adjectives can also be used to describe people.
The children are revisiting and/learning in context.

Topics or themes:
gender; animals; adjectives

adjectives and agreements; superlatives; possessive adjectives (mon and ma)


How much time required:
1-2 lessons

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