Les Mois de l'Année - Alain Bosquet

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Les Mois de l'Année - Alain Bosquet

Contributor: Sarah Brough

Language of text: French
Type of text: Poem
Author or source: BOSQUET, Alain
Intended age of students: Key Stage 2
Source reference: http://sites79.ac-poitiers.fr/rom/spip.php?article125

Attached files:

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Use the text as a model to write their own poem on the months of the year.

To teach the months through a text rather than at word level.
To teach à + le/la/l'/les.
To teach «» format of speech marks

Students can write and learn their own poen on the months.

Topics or themes:
Part of presentation or consolidation of core language at the beginning of year 7.

à + le/la/l'/les

Adapting a text for own purposes.
Using a poem to aid memory.

How much time required:
2 lessons

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