Lou et Mouf - Vole! Vole!

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Lou et Mouf - Vole! Vole!

Contributor: Nathalie Paris

Language of text: French
Type of text: Other
Author or source: Jeanne Ashbé, published by Pastel at l'école des loisirs
Intended age of students: Key Stage 1/2
Source reference: 9782211205986

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This is the story of Lou who plays with Mouf in the garden and encounters a few interesting creatures, but then is thirsty...
I read it to children all the way through in French, and we enjoy opening the flaps to see what insects are hiding and what is happening.
The second time we read it, I ask the children to repeat the names of the animals which are in the story. The third time, the children can join in with actions: they have to copy what Lou does and says, which is a lot of fun!

There is a whole series of "Lou et Mouf stories": they are accessible to younger learners and start with "bonjour" as well as end with "au revoir", which makes them easy to join in with from the beginning.
This book is clearley illustrated, informative and entertaining as it also tells a story that they children can relate to. I love it!

With this story, you can either teach the names of animals in the garden or reinforce them. I have plastic and soft animals (realia) that we do a lot of activities with after reading the book. Once the children have memorised the key words, I read the story again and instead of me saying those key words, I hold up a toy and the children have to say the correct word in French, thus helping re-tell the tale.
The children could write their own mini-book in French about what is in their garden, the school's garden (if you have one) or Lou's, either using what they already know or looking new vocabulary up.

Topics or themes:
in the garden; mini-beasts; onomatopoeia

the imperative: vole! va-t-en!


How much time required:
1-2 lessons

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