Mon chapeau

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Mon chapeau

Contributor: Steven Fawkes

Language of text: French
Type of text: Poem
Author or source: Henri Des
Intended age of students: Key Stage 2/3
Source reference:

Quand je mets mon chapeau gris

C'est pour aller sous la pluie.

Quand je mets mon chapeau vert

C'est que je suis en colère.

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The link to
illustrates how children have used the poem as a writing frame to create their own text.
British pupils would need guidance or modelling of course in seeking rhymes, such as
among others

The poem/song is useful
1. for exploring French phonemes,
2. for prediction activities:
Quand je mets mon chapeau vert
C'est que je .....
C'est que je suis ....
3. for editing - what would need to change if 'chapeau' became 'chemise' ? i.e. 'Mon' would become 'ma' and 'gris' - 'grise', and so we would need a new rhyme ...
4. for observation - why is the last couplet inverted?

Speaking / recitation
Grammatical observation
Creative writing

Topics or themes:

Position of colour adjectives
Agreement of adjectives - what would change if it is was written by a girl?
Possessive articles
Verb: Mettre


How much time required:
within a lesson

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