Napoleon 1815

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Napoleon 1815

Contributor: Steven Fawkes

Language of text: French
Type of text: Historical document
Author or source: Le moniteur universel
Intended age of students: Key Stage 4
Source reference: In attached Powerpoint file

Attached files:
Powerpoint file: Napoleon

File nameFile typeSize
Napoleon.pptxNo description210.73 kBInfo

The newspaper 'Le Moniteur Universel' reported on the escape of Napoleon from Elba and his subsequent progress .
The file shows the headlines from the newspaper during this period - in a random order.
Students use a map to track his progress and put the headlines into the correct order. NB They are split into two groups - the first group also all come first chronology. To make the task more challenging you could mix up text from both screens.
The text also illustrates clearly the change in tone of terminology used to refer to the ex-Emperor, which will be interesting to some.
They may have ideas of comparative terms - of abuse and respect - used in contemporary headlines when someone on the public eye falls from grace.

Authentic text
Range of language
Geographical knowledge
Historical context

Interest in the tone of language
They might also research and compile a similar sequence if headlines on more recent events

Topics or themes:
Revision of verb tenses

Verb forms including the Passive


How much time required:
1 session

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