Paris pop up

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Paris pop up

Contributor: Nathalie Paris

Language of text: French
Type of text: Other
Author or source: Dominique Ehrhard, Éditions des Grandes Personnes
Intended age of students: Key Stage 1/2
Source reference: 9782361934057

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This is a beautiful pop up book of Paris - as the title suggests!
I have used it in person and online, a couple of pages at a time, as we have learnt about famous monuments in Paris. Beforehand, I have read the information available in the writing too... and learnt so much to share with my pupils! It is mostly based on the history of the places.. but not only, there is a lot more to read and share!
I have used it after teaching the monuments in French, but it could also be used to introduce them - what a great way to do so!
You may want to allocate a monument each to groups of children who will use the information in the book and can do their own research to then present it to the rest of the class, thus creating even more of a connection. You may have your own photos of those places - if you do, the children would love to see them!

I use the Primary French Project and it teaches you about the monuments in Paris, so this complements it beautifully.
The children absolutely LOVE seeing the monuments appear in 3D as I open the pages, there are always "wows" in a group when I use it! It is a lovely way of giving them a feel of each place that they remember.
There is also at the beginning of the book a map of Paris that shows you where the monuments are and is usable if you scan it or with a visualiser.

You don't just get to see the monuments in 3D. You can also use the extra information about the "arrondissements" the monuments are in, and even how to get there by "Métro", so can do some map work. There is a lot of information to exploit. The children will learn so much about Paris, and we know that they really enjoy learning about the culture of a country where the language they are learning is spoken, it motivates them.

Topics or themes:
Paris, famous landmarks in France, culture



How much time required:
use in 1 lesson or over a few weeks

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