Petite pomme

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Petite pomme

Contributor: Rebecca Kemal-ur-Rahim

Language of text: French
Type of text: Poem
Author or source: Géo Norge
Intended age of students: Key Stage 2/3
Source reference: Petite Pomme by Géo Norge:

NB This text is used alongside Regime and Oiseau du Colorado

URLs, all last accessed Tuesday 8th July 2014

Attached files:
Worksheet / vocabulary list

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Have students complete a carousel reading comprehension activity where the class are divided into three groups and each student must read one of the texts and fill in the question sheet, before passing the text on to the next group.

To show students that they are able to read authentic French material and also encourage them to think more creatively about what they are reading i.e. interpret the poems. This lesson also fitted in with the topic of healthy lifestyle that the students were following and I developed extension questions to help them think about this further.

Students learn new vocabulary and how to think about the style of what they are reading in French and not just the content.
They would produce a completed worksheet and possibly answers to some extension questions.

Topics or themes:
Healthy Lifestyle, which these students had started as part of the AQA GCSE course which they begin at the end of Year 9.

Petite Pomme: future tense


How much time required:
I completed this lesson in 75 minutes as there is a lot to get through but it could be broken down, e.g. by only completing two texts.

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