Petite taupe ouvre-moi ta porte!

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Petite taupe ouvre-moi ta porte!

Contributor: Nathalie Paris

Language of text: French
Type of text: Other
Author or source: Orianne Lallemand & Claire Frossard
Intended age of students: Key Stage 1/2
Source reference: 978-2733811849

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This is one of those stories I never get sick of sharing; so many children have thoroughly enjoyed it on my bus!
Before you read it, get the children to guess what it might be about then practise with them what they will need to join in with and love: "toc toc toc, qui frappe a la porte de la petite taupe?". As you read it, all the children will then feel part of the story... and get a big shock when the wolf comes! No, I haven't spoilt it all for you...

As well as being cute and fun to read, this is another story with a message about being there for each other. The illustrations and the text are both easily accessible to younger children.
From a cultural point of view, I make the animals kiss each other when they greet each other to remind the children of certain traditions in France, which in itself is great fun!

If you have the right puppets and a puppet theatre (as I have, lucky me!) you can easily make the children re-enact the story; if you don't have the right accessories, you can easily make them! Even animal faces drawn and attached to sticks will suffice to give the children a memorable experience. This story really lends itself to this activity.

Topics or themes:
Animals; cooperation

Pronouns; showing possession in French (la porte de la petite taupe etc)


How much time required:
30 minutes - 2 lessons

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