Pour la rentrée

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Pour la rentrée

Contributor: Sarah Brough

Language of text: French
Type of text: Poem
Author or source: Pierre Ruaud
Intended age of students: Key Stage 1/2
Source reference: http://www.poesies-de-notre-enfance.ac-versailles.fr/Je-voulais-dans-mon-cartable: includes a version by the singer Grégoire, as well as the words of the poem.

Attached files:
A PowerPoint presentation which includes sound files.

File nameFile typeSize
mon cartable_whole_poem.wavRIFF (little-endian) data4 MBInfo
Pour_la_rentrée.pptxNo description7.9 MBInfo

See notes on the PowerPoint.

To enjoy the sounds and rhythmns of a poem in French.
Cultural understanding of the importance of 'La rentrée' in France.
Authentic experience of learning a poem which French children often learn by heart.

De-code the poem.
Explore the rhythmn and rhyme of the poem.
Read the poem aloud.
Act out the story of the poem and talk about how the child in the poem feels about going back to school.
Learn the poem off by heart.
Write your own version of the poem by substituting nouns.

Topics or themes:
The poem fits well with the QCA unit 'scènes de plage'.

If the children write their own version of the poem: mon / ma / mes; un / une / des; le / la / l' / les

De-coding skills.
Sound spelling links.
Dictionary skills.
Substitution - adapting a text.

How much time required:
At least two lessons.

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