Rot und Grün

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Rot und Grün

Contributor: Eva Lamb

Language of text: German
Type of text: Poem
Author or source: Traditional verse, Playground Rhyme for counting down / out
Intended age of students: Key Stage 1
Source reference: Rot und grün,
gelb und blau,
schwarz und weiß,
braun und grau,
Mann und Frau,
Frau und Mann,
und du bist dran.

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Activities: what I will do with it:
1. Read / say the rhyme with visuals (cards with colours, man / woman)
2. children repeat, with the help of visuals
3. children handle the visuals themselves whilst saying the rhyme
4. children stand in small groups in circles with one child in the middle saying the rhyme, the one who turns out to be “it”, goes in the middle and repeats
5. the rhyme could also be performed in assembly with visuals being held up

Child-appropriate way for internalising language
Demonstration of similarities in childhood games between between cultures (intercultural understanding)


Topics or themes:
Memorise the German words for colours

connectives (und), “sein” in 2nd person (du bist)

Kinaesthetic learning

How much time required:
20 minutes

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