Schneewittchen (Snow White)

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Schneewittchen (Snow White)

Contributor: Louise Richardson

Language of text: German
Type of text: Novel
Author or source: The Brothers Grimm
Intended age of students: Key Stage 2/3
Source reference:
The above website has Grimm fairy tales in different languages
The Goethe Institute has lots of free resources to accompany Grimm fairy tales for German teaching

Attached files:
Doc Lesson plan
PPt Brothers Grimm presentation 1 and 2
Ppt Fairytale quest
Doc Schneewittchen text
Doc Schneewittchen helpsheet
Doc Seven dwarves reading race
Doc Seven dwarves reading race teacher version
Doc students quest answer sheet
Doc judges sheet
Audio file
Doc adjectives handout

File nameFile typeSize
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Brothers Grimm lesson 1 presentation with audio (1).pptComposite Document File V2 Document9.73 MBInfo
Fairytale quest.pptxNo description50 kBInfo
Schneewittchen audio file.wavRIFF (little-endian) data1.31 MBInfo
Schneewittchen help sheet.docxNo description11.61 kBInfo
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Seven dwarves reading race.docxNo description17.22 kBInfo
Seven dwarves reading race TEACHER VERSION.docxNo description47.47 kBInfo
Students quest answer sheet.docxNo description37.69 kBInfo
Year 7 Brothers Grimm lesson 1 Lesson Plan.docxNo description201.52 kBInfo

Starter activity involves a fairy tale quest: matching descriptions of fairy tales to the correct German title. The text is then introduced and exploited orally as students listen to a recording and, by listening out for key words, collaborate to put pieces of the story into the correct order. Students then collaborate to match up pieces of the story to the English translations. A follow up activity focusses on the seven dwarves and their characteristics .

Extract of lesson plan qv
Fairy tale video playing as students enter
Big question introduced (mirror, mirror on the wall) – can students guess what they will be learning about?
Share learning objectives

Brothers Grimm quiz on SB – students play in teams of three or four. Answers follow, one per slide. Quiz is out of nine. Passport stamps for the winners.

Fairy tale quest: in pairs
Before starting, ask students if they can guess what German tale titles are in English. Numbered clues around stuck around the room, fill in name of German fairy tale, one letter from each answer will reveal name of Schneewittchen. Time with music (embedded).

Parts of the story of Snow White to put in order
1. Show info re: Snow White. Each member of group is then given 3 or 4 cut up parts of the story in German.
2. Teacher plays recording of the story (file embedded), students have to collaborate to get their parts into the correct order
3. Students match up the German parts with the English translations (cut up strips)

Adjective reading race
Students read a sentence about each of the seven dwarves to find out what the German adjectives attributed to each dwarf are in English then work out what each dwarf is called in English (match up)

Plenary: 3, 2, 1

• To set high expectations of students: to expect that they will all be able to appreciate and understand an authentic German story.
• To enable students to work things out for themselves.
• To motivate and engage students by

Students create and write about their own dwarves or princesses in German using a writing frame.
Students consolidate knowledge of family-related vocabulary
Students improve collaboration with others and develop the skill of picking out key words from a text to aid comprehension (both oral and written)

Topics or themes:
These lessons fit well into the topic of family and/or describing appearance and personality

The accusative case with haben
Adjectives for personal description

Listening/reading for key words

How much time required:
2 x 1 hour with potential for an extra lesson focussing more on the Brothers Grimm/common themes within their fairy tales

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