'Twas Nochebuena

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'Twas Nochebuena

Contributor: Nathalie Paris

Language of text: French
Type of text: Other
Author or source: Roseanna Greenfield Thong & Sara Palacios
Intended age of students: Key Stage 2/3
Source reference: 9780670016341

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More about this story and many others at www.nattalingo.co.uk

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This book is written mostly in English with words and phrases in Spanish dotted around.
I will read it once through so the children can get into the story, enjoy it and appreciate the lovely illustrations.
I will then give to the children a sheet with the Spanish vocabulary from the story (available on my website) and ask the children to write down in English the words that they already know or can guess. Then I will read the story again to help them take notes and work out what more words mean from the context. There is a glossary at the back of the book if you need help with the vocabulary. We will go through everything together and remind ourselves of the rules for Spanish pronunciation (we may even talk about how "ci" and "ce" are pronounced in South America). Next, I will read the story one more time, but will pause before each Spanish word and the children, as a class, will have to say them, thus joining in with the telling of the story.

This story reinforces or teaches vocabulary relating to Christmas and also more general words; it also tells the children about different traditions in South America, so around the Spanish-speaking world and not just Spain.
It is a lovely book with beautiful illustrations.

The children will have to concentrate as they listen to the story. We will make some small Spanish and English flags which they will have to hold up when a certain language is being spoken, thus encouraging their listening skills. Their reading skills will be used when they try to work out what each word and phrase on paper means; then they will practise their speaking skills whilst working out how each word and phrase is pronounced (this can originally be done in pairs) then whilst joining in with the story. They will also learn about local Christmas traditions.

Topics or themes:
Christmas: vocabulary and culture

plural of nouns; there are lots of useful examples in the story


How much time required:
1 lesson

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