Déjeuner du matin

Contributor Kate Hyland-Collier

Language French

Text Poem by Jacques Prévert

Title Déjeuner du matin

Intended age of pupils 11-14

References – Where can you find the text? A url? A book?

Please give as full a reference as possible, e.g. this sort of detail: author(s), year, title. (edition?), place of publication: publisher, ISBN, Chapter / page ref.
and for website/ web links- author(s) (year?), title. URL and date of last access + page numbers as appropriate www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_FpZxao-Ng‎

Accompanying resources – Teaching resources you have made

Approaches & related activities - What do you want to do with it?
1. teach topic of daily routine
2. read poem aloud a few times
3. in pairs / groups pupils note down vocab understood, what poem is about style of poem, opinions of poem
4. discuss answers
5. re-read poem with pictures to illustrate it, or use use tube films / recitation
6. show text of poem
7. pupils high light unknown vocab and work out possible meanings
8. discuss style of poem
9. give pupil writing frame / vocab help amount of help depends on pupil ability
10. Creative writing - pupils write their own poem
11. pupils recite own poem from memory or from picture / mime prompts / act out poem

Rationale -Why do you want to do it?
1. creative angle on this tedious topic
2. open pupils minds to another genre

Outcomes- What does the student produce/learn as a result?
1. how to use reflexive verbs
2. use perfect tense
3. some understanding of effectiveness of poetry

Related teaching topics – How does it fit in your scheme?
1. daily routine
2. perfect tense

Related grammar topics you highlight
1. reflexive verbs
2. perfect tense
Key words – List 2 or 3 words in the Language and in English to help others search

Generic Language learning strategies
1. reading aloud
2. listening for gist
3. skimming / scanning text
4. memorising
5. reciting with prompts

Time Frame – How long does it take?
3 or 4 lessons?

Anything else?
Details of copyright?

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