Multilingual Online Sources Of Texts

The Project has identified many online repositories of literary texts online, which are grouped here for your reference.
Of course these may not be online forever and we cannot be responsible if they disappear!

The feature on Songs (Spring 2019) and the feature on Culture (Summer 2019) and the feature on Grammar (Autumn 2019) and the feature on Creativity (Winter 2019-20) and the feature on Authentic texts and strategies for exploitation have now been included on this page as a group of attachments. Click on Files below.
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Abba in many languages

Waterloo in German

Dancing Queen in Spanish
with lyrics

Some of these sources have brief reviews from Language teachers in italics.

If you find resources you find useful, please consider adding a review and / or contributing your exploitation ideas to the Project via the Home page.

Multilingual resources

Great Story Reading Project:
A free teacher-to-teacher shared story wiki

Five specially chosen collections of children’s and youth literature from Europe, in the original language (French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian, between 12 and 15 books in each language). The authors and illustrators selected represent some of the very best in children’s book production in these languages.
Childrens’ stories in a variety of languages

The international poetry festival in Rotterdam has a website with a large number of contemporary poets in many languages, and some have audio and / or video attached:
searchable in many languages
The Grimm fairy tales in many languages
The collection includes retold traditional tales and new short stories in the languages most spoken by UK children.
The EU Multilingual Families children's eStoryBooks have now been published.

They are specifically designed to motivate children to be learn languages
and be multilingual.
List from the Lancashire primary languages website to a range of books in French suitable for KS2 The Day is a subscription service of Current Affairs articles of interest to school students. There is a Languages section.

Harry Potter names in a variety of languages in the file attached to this page.

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