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My top 5 stories to use around Christmas

Out of my Christmas stories, these are my favourite. I hope you like them too! I would recommend you buy them early for Christmas!

1) Le sapin de Noël de Trotro

It is a pretty book and tells the story of Trotro on the day he decorates his tree, so it has vocabulary relating to this. Essential for Trotro fans!

2) P’tit Loup prépare Noël

It is a countdown from 1st December till 25th, with activities P’tit Loup does on different days in the lead up to Christmas (not all 24 of them, be reassured!), which is lovely.

3) Joyeux Noël, Petite taupe!

This book I have written a blog about already so I will send you there!

4) Le loup qui n’aimait pas Noël

Loup told us in his 1st story (Le loup qui voulait changer de couleur) how much he disliked Christmas. In this story we find out why, and the fact that his friends are all excited about it and getting ready for 25th doesn’t help… Will he change his mind in the end?

5) Madame Père Noël

Well Madame Père Noël is not happy that she works so hard but gets no recognition for it from anyone. Will Father Christmas realise and learn to appreciate her support?

Please do share with us your favourite French (or other languages) Christmas stories!

Nathalie Paris

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Mon plus beau Noel (Contributor: Steven Fawkes)

J'aime la galette! (Contributor: Nathalie Paris)

Just Fontaine footballeur (Contributor: Steven Fawkes)

P'tit Loup est le roi de la galette (Contributor: Nathalie Paris)

Roule galette (Contributor: Nathalie Paris)

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